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Fundraising...a word we really don't like because it automatically conditions folks to believe they must start forking over money. To them it's more like "Donation."

What if that changed?
What if you could give back to the community, help folks save money, and be a TREMENDOUS help to your local business community by helping to increase their customer base and bottom line.

You have probably already noticed what's going on all around you, the world has gone Mobile.

You can no longer afford to continue doing the same types of Fundraisers you have always done because your customer base "members" has changed.

In addition, your local Business Owners have noticed this as well but unfortunately most don't know how to successfully harness this powerful medium and they are missing a Tremendous Opportunity. 

We solve both problems, for you and your Local Business Community.

"Nearly 95% of all local searches are from a Mobile Device." Google

"Businesses need to be where their customers hang out and Engage them on Their Device of Choice."  Custora

"Going Mobile the Wrong way is worse than not doing it at all" Google


It's Critical that any business MOBILIZE their business but it MUST be done the right way.
Most don't, and according to Google it
hurts the business more than they realize.

That's where you can help.

Here is where it gets FUN, for you, ANYONE your organization comes in contact with, and for the All your Local Businesses.

Our entire system is based upon Three Facts: 

There are Three Parts to our system and the next page shows what your members will be seeing.There are Three Parts to our system and the next page shows what your members will be seeing.Everyone is Looking to Save Money

Your members, associates, friends, ANYONE and EVERYONE you come in contact with is always looking to save money.

What if there was a way they could do that, but even better, they Got Paid to Save?

And what if it was totally Free?

Free to you and Free to them?

A Large Percentage of all Local Business Owners will eventually become involved because they immediately see the value.A Large Percentage of all Local Business Owners will eventually become involved because they immediately see the value.Every Business is Looking for More Customers

Business Owners today are at a crossroads. They see what is happening around them but unfortunately have not found a simple mechanism to get into the Mobile Market effectively, let alone at a reasonable cost.

They just don't have the budgets of the Big Box stores and are finding it increasingly difficult to compete.

Traditional Advertising is Dead and they are continually throwing good money at bad deals trying to get more customers.
The Scammers are out in force and find the Small Business Owner easy pickings. 

Business Owners continually spend a Lot of Money with Very Little Results. Nothing seems to work.

Let's put FUN back into the process.Let's put FUN back into the process.Any Organization Always Needs Funds

How have all those bake sales, coupon books, etc. that you have tried in the past worked out?

And when one is over, what happens next?

Feeling the effects of a Poor Economy?

Getting a little tired of companies who come in and promise the world only to have your member base out pounding the street trying to convince folks to become involved in or buy something they wouldn't normally purchase?

Wouldn't it be great if there was a Better Way and it was no longer "Fund" Raising but "Fun" Raising?

AND it even gets better, what if it was

We are going to give you a Free System that will do All This totally on Auto-Pilot!

We are giving you a Smarter App that will do the work for you.

It's time you went mobile because face it...That's where everybody is!

And even better, we GIVE your Local Businesses a System to Cash In on the Mobile Revolution.